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a mini pretreatment RO sample station. Ensuring Safe Water.

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Bleach Smart

Convenient. Innovative.
Time Saver.

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Pressure calibration in place.

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Hanging GloveDen

Glove dispenser for 3 glove sizes BONUS hand sanitizer included. Follows sanitation guidelines.

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Hang your machine's hose & cords with this nifty gadget for a safer, tidier work environment.

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Drain Bridge

Place saline/IV bags at this multi-hook stand to keep surfaces and sinks clean. .

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Get cleaner hands fast with this sanitizer & soap holder. Single and double compartment holders are available.

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Wire Place

Designed for the computer cart, this cable management box organized loose wires and cords, keeping them out of your way. It also provides a slot for the digibox.router device. Single/double compartments are available depending on computer cart design.

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Clip. Hang. Take Off. Easy As 1.2.3. Available in 3 colors

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Drainage cleanup and/or pipe re-installation
Dialysis machine repair and maintenance
Computer cart refurbishing and cable management
Dialyis repair and cleaning


Jose Hallare has 35 years experience in Dialysis. He currently works fulltime in repair and maintenance for medical equipment. During his daily inspections at work, he notices health safety issues that can be ignored, resulting to damage and increased costs. So in his spare time, he came up with creating tools to make things simple and easy.

Jose hopes that his innovations can assist hospitals, private & local clinics, and more.
He will be your Troubleshooting star for your medical needs.


The Troubleshooting Star from Afar will answer your questions and think of a solution.
Custom Installation and Pricing upon request.

For inquiries:
Phone: 559-300-5655.